The Face Of Online Trading

How Cryptocurrency Has Changed The Face Of Online Trading

Ransomware is malware that renders a system inoperable (in essence, holding it hostage) until a ransom fee (usually demanded in Bitcoin) is paid to the hacker, who then provides a key to unlock the system. As opposed to many other forms of cyber attacks, which usually seek to access the data on a system (such as credit card information and Social Security numbers), ransomware simply locks the data down. Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography to prevent counterfeiting. They are distinguished from fiat currency” – the dollars, euros, and other money issued by governments – because they are not issued by a central authority or representative of debts. They are sometimes referred to as hard” or sound” money and are more similar to gold bars than dollar bills. The most well-known and widely used cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which was invented in 2009 as a byproduct of the blockchain technology that enables it.

Cryptocurrencies, in and of themselves, are not nefarious. Many perfectly legitimate businesses accept payment in Bitcoin, and large Wall Street investment firms are betting on a bright future for cryptocurrencies. However, outside the realm of tech enthusiasts, small-government advocates, and cyber security experts, cryptocurrencies are still widely misunderstood – and primarily associated with criminal activity. Ever since Silk Road was taken down, cryptocurrency critics, claiming that the digital currencies are fueling ransomware attacks and other cyber crime, have been calling for governments to implement cryptocurrency regulation, and these calls have grown louder since the WannaCry attacks.

Bitcoin experts and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts, alarmed by experiences like Troia’s and fearing Draconian cryptocurrency regulation, recently told a U.S. House subcommittee that the bulk of the problem lies with unregulated, offshore cryptocurrency exchanges, not those based in the U.S. and Europe, which must already comply with anti-money laundering and know your customer” laws. However, these exchanges often strategically set up shop in countries where local governments are happy to look the other way and not cooperate with U.S. authorities in exchange for kickbacks.

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